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Falcon 56
No strings attached ... Hands-on flying with your feet on the ground

The Falcon 56 was my first real big model airplane which I had for about 10 flights. This airplane was and still is a great design and flier. I learned to fly this airplane with all four channels and the use of ailerons. The engine I had in this plane was a Fox .45 RC. This was a plain bearing engine but was a powerhouse in the Falcon 56 which was really rated for a .40. In all I ended up loosing control of the Falcon because of a setting sun in my view during a evening flying session and I lost my orientation to the airplane and it spiraled in. (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!) I recovered the pieces and decided that the airplane was toast. The motor now resides in a friend's control line Carrier design and is still a hauling engine.

Fox 45
Falcon 56

After receiving a new Falcon 56 kit that I purchased on eBay, I decided that, with my limited time, I'd offer the kit to another builder to make for this article. I have farmed out projects to others for building a number of times and they have all made superb examples from the kits. Alain Fugere decided to take this project on and, in record time, a fine Falcon 56 airplane was created from the original kit.

This airplane continues to stand the test of time as a intermediate trainer for all new builders. It features easy construction methods and builds up very fast. It has great aerodynamic properties like a semi-symmetrical wing and ailerons. The shoulder wing assures a high degree of stability and the big stabilizer makes for great pitch and turn performance. The Falcon 56 has been built by countless modelers all over the world and is a favorite with many. A series of postings that cover the build sequence of this airplane have been made on the Builders’ Forum. To review the construction go HERE.

As you can see, Alain has done an extremely nice job of building and finishing this kit.

Falcon 56 1
Falcon 56 2

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