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Plan Printing by Dave at The Final Image

Comet Clipper
No strings attached ... Hands-on flying with your feet on the ground
Comet Clipper (plans from Model Builder Magazine)

My first scratch build from plans. May 83 RC Comet Clipper O/T: Goldberg's rubber powered Clipper scaled to 54” for .09-.15 RC by Stu Richmond. I flew this airplane in three channel mode with a Enya .09 with throttle and this was the airplane that got me properly started learning takeoffs and landings. It was a great airplane to fly with the Enya an it helped me to find real success with RC airplanes. The Comet Clipper, with its elliptical wings and tail, was great to see in flight and made for very good memories. Unfortunately Model Builder Magazine went out of business and plans are now difficult to get.

Comet Clipper





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