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Radio Control Sport


Plan Printing by Dave at The Final Image

Radio Control Airplanes - Sport
No strings attached ... Hands-on flying with your feet on the ground

This is a category that I like to use for airplanes that have no particular purpose other than enjoyment. In many examples I use these airplanes to try new things like some new aerodynamic property or situation like the Slicer RC Combat. This example is a gas version built by a friend of mine, Andy Taylor, in Longmont, Colorado.

Reactor RC Combat - Gas Powered

In this case I am making it electric to test out what it would be like to fly an electric airplane.

Reactor RC Combat - Electric Powered
Slicer RC Combat

The Q500 is a simple design that I used to get back into RC after 7 years of not flying anything and to serve as a pattern trainer for aerobatics. This airplane was designed for racing but I use it with a smaller engine and make it fly like a sport plane, and it does great as a design to advance your skills.

Q 500
Q500 (ready to fly)

The DHC6 Beaver was my first scale project that was very successful and fun to fly. I don't have a picture of it right now so I have substituted a picture of one from the Wattflyer forum.

DHC6 Beaver

One of the main points of making airplanes for the sport category is to just enjoy any design that makes you smile. Fun is the name of the game and here we have no agendas to subscribe to so anything goes.

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