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Radio Control Sport


Plan Printing by Dave at The Final Image

Slicer RC Combat
No strings attached ... Hands-on flying with your feet on the ground

The basis for this project stems from this control line Combat Stunt airplane called the Reactor that came out in the mid fifties by Guillows. Almost no information is available on the Internet about it and I have never seen it advertised in any magazines.

Andy Taylor's Spyderman Reactor
Spyderman, CL Combat Stunt "Reactor" built by Andy Taylor in Longmont, CO.

I found it intriguing in that it became the platform for an RC Combat plane that Andy called the Slicer. He made the necessary modifications for it to house the radio gear and powered it with a Fox .35. I started to build a Slicer in late 2002 using Andy's plan for this RC Combat class but failed to complete it. Sometime later I began to investigate the new technology offered in electric motors and batteries and this partially constructed airplane became the test bed for the new power source. What follows are a few pictures showing some of the changes I've made.

Slicer 2

Much of the area where a traditional tank would be is now an area for the speed controller.

Slicer 3

The motor of choice is a Welgard C35/30/10 35mm out runner motor and the 40A speed controller from the same company.

Slicer 4

On the bottom side in the center is a 2100mah Lipo battery, that fits properly with a hook and loop strap.

Slicer 5

On the topside, is an area for servos and a mixer for elevons.

This airplane is far from complete, Servos need to go in and elevons need to be produced. The covering will be traditional Monokote finish and a rudder may get built into the design as well.

I really like the Spyderman finish and will attempt to duplicate the design.

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