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Radio Control Sailplanes


Plan Printing by Dave at The Final Image

Radio Control Airplanes - Sailplanes
No strings attached ... Hands-on flying with your feet on the ground

If anyone wants to really enjoy a relaxing form of radio control without all the stress of engines and fuel, then sailplanes are the easiest and hassle free ways of flying model airplanes. RC sailplanes are very popular and have evolved into very capable designs that out perform many traditional RC airplanes with engines.

I began flying sailplanes with a friend I met at the RC field one particular day where he was attempting to get his Goldberg Gentle Lady in the air and complete the first step at gliding and trimming. We decided together that we could help each other with RC sailplanes and for the next 3 years we worked together on a number of good sailplanes for the period. The next airplane that came along was an Aquila made by Airtronics and this proved to us that we could successfully build and fly high quality gliders. Over the remaining years, we tried other sailplanes like the Sig Riser, Sagitta 600, and 900, plus the Top Flight Antares and the Dynaflight Bird of Time.

We still have some of these airplanes and will be presenting reviews on these airplanes in the next short while. Many of these designs have lasted a long time and still have interest groups that are flying them on a regular basis in the Class of sailplanes called RES. RES refers to a sailplane that only uses a rudder, elevator and spoiler for control surfaces. This may sound simple but is quite a capable combination for flight control.
Photos to come

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