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Free Flight "Outdoor"


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Free Flight "Outdoor" Planes
Minimum weight... Maximum Performance

Free flight outdoor flying is a sport that has it's roots in history as far back as the 1930's. The three classes of F/F Outdoor that I have been involved in are P-30, Coupe d'Hiver and Hand Launch Gliders.

Just imagine your creation rising from your hand and making it's way into the blue sky, all on it's own, and all beyond your control now. You watch in amazement as the airplane you created makes a steady climb and cruise. The warmth of the day catches your airplane and it sails almost out of sight. You have set the timer on it knowing that it's designed to stop flying and settle back to earth. The feeling of success while flying the outdoor class of models is highly rewarding.

I began flying balsa models outdoors in the early years and initially most of them just crashed. The experience and knowledge I gained in indoor airplane flying allowed me to learn the art of flight trim, so I moved to bigger airplanes for outdoors.

A common class for the beginner is P-30 and makes a suitable sized performance airplane that anyone can fly. Hand launched gliders are a class of model that will make you throw hard, like throwing a baseball, and you will find muscles that you never knew you had. The Winter Cup or Coupe d'Hiver (coo - devair) is a small class high performance airplane that will challenge your skills.

There are other larger classes of free flight airplanes that I have not had experience with but perhaps can be reviewed at a later time.




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