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Free Flight "Outdoor"


Plan Printing by Dave at The Final Image

P-30 Rules
  1. Models shall conform to the following specifications:
    1.1. No part of the model shall exceed 30 inches when it is in assembled condition.
    1.2. The minimum weight of the model without rubber motor shall be 40 grams.
    1.3. The lubricated rubber motor shall not exceed 10 grams.
    1.4. The propeller shall be a commercially available plastic freewheeling propeller between 23 and 25 centimeters (9.05 and 9.84 inches) in diameter.
    Only the following changes will be allowed:
    1.4.1. Flashing may be removed.
    1.4.2. Balancing by the addition of weight to one blade will be allowed.
    1.4.3. Enlarging the hole of the propeller hub will be allowed in order to accept a larger diameter shaft and/or a bushing cut from metal tubing.
  2. Launching shall be as specified for land plane models, Free Flight General.
  3. A flight of more than 20 seconds shall be considered an official flight.
  4. There shall be no limit to the number of attempts allowed in order to record three (3) official flights.
  5. The maximum recorded duration for each flight shall be 120 seconds.
  6. If a tie exists after three (3) flights have been recorded then each successive flight shall have a maximum duration of 30 seconds more than the previous flight.
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