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Free Flight "Outdoor"


Plan Printing by Dave at The Final Image

Free Flight "Outdoor" P-30
Minimum weight... Maximum Performance

The P30 class is a model category that caters to those people who want to begin in an easy to fly contest class. P-30 is a common beginner's event. A P-30 must use an unmodified commercially available plastic propellor. P-30 has a maximum wingspan of 30 inches, and uses 10 g of rubber. The empty airframe must weigh at least 40 g. The Rules outline all of the requirements for the P-30 Class.

This was one of the first model airplanes I ever drew up on a paper plan but I didn't follow through and build it correctly. When I flew it, it would just hang on the propeller and stall. It was not for some time that I would discover that it had no longtitudinal dihedral. There are plenty of airplanes in this class to buy as kits and all are fairly easy to build.

My second design - WizzyWig (WYSIWYG)

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