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Free Flight "Outdoor"


Plan Printing by Dave at The Final Image

Hand Launch Glider Rules
  1. Applicability. All pertinent AMA regulations (see sections titled Sanctioned Competition, Records, Selection of Champions, and General) and the General Free Flight rules shall apply, except as specified below.
  2. General. An Outdoor Hand Launched Glider is a non-powered model aircraft designed to fly outdoors.
  3. Launching shall be as specified for hand launch of land plane models, FF General.
  4. Number of Models. Each contestant shall be allowed a maximum of three (3) models in this event. He may use any or all to complete his fights. The three (3) models used may be of different design.
  5. Official Flight. All flights are official flights, regardless of duration. Unofficial flights are not recognized. Flights during which any part is dropped shall be declared an official flight with zero (0) time.
  6. Flight Maximum. Two (2) minutes.
  7. Number of Flights. Each contestant shall be allowed a total of six (6) official flights except in cases where the total of the highest three (3) of not more than six official flights equals six (6) minutes. When a three flight total of six (6) minutes has been scored (whether or not all six (6) flights have been made) a series of flyoff flights having a maximum flight duration limit of two (2) minutes shall be permitted. Flyoffs shall continue until the contestant fails to achieve the two (2) minute maximum duration limit.
  8. Scoring of Flights. Scoring time shall be the total elapsed time of the best three (3) of not more than six (6) official flights plus that of qualified additional flights. Flight duration shall be scored in seconds with all fractions of a second to be dropped. Individual flights of more than two (2) minutes shall be recorded as two (2) minutes.
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