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Free Flight "Outdoor"


Plan Printing by Dave at The Final Image

Free Flight "Outdoor" - Coupe d'Hiver
Minimum weight... Maximum Performance

The Coupe d'Hiver (FAI class F1G) which first appeared in France in 1938, specifies an airframe weight of 70 grams empty with a relatively small rubber motor of 10 grams maximum weight. The result is a two-minute model that is more challenging than P-30 or OT Rubber but flies very well. Coupe motors are short and stout because they swing large-diameter propellers close to 400-500 turns. Following a quick 30-second climb to about 150 feet of altitude, the Coupe model begins its wonderful glide. Modern Coupes-though definitely underpowered-excel in the glide phase. In fact, with sink rates of approximately 1.5 feet per second, they are sometimes hard to Dethermalize predictably. Since Coupe is an FAI event, the Builder-of-the-Model Rule is nonexistent; therefore, F1G provides a nice entry point for Free Flight competition. There are many RTF and ARF Coupes and Coupe parts available from the European market. However, they can be expensive as the craftsmanship of these airplanes is superb.

A Coupe d'Hiver airplane

I enjoy this category of model because of the small Rules requirement and that the airplanes can be simply built. It's a neat airplane to fly on a light wind evening as the climbs are short and the airplanes glide in a relatively small area.

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