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Sharkies Machine

The Sharkies Machine was a serious project right from the beginning, it was not just thrown together. I began by doing some extensive research in model airplane design to test my knowledge in indoor model aeronautics. I had some prior success with a plane called Prairie Bird, a design we all know and love by Bill Peck, and that gave me some skills related to the Embryo Endurance Class Rules.

The design is a slight departure from some typical embryo's in that the wings and tail are pure ellipses and are made as much for show as performance. This airplane's calculated wing area is just slightly lower than the 50 square inch requirement but that is not much of an issue. The Sharkies stability is exceptional and it's climb and glide are very good. Little amounts of right thrust and no down thrust are required. A slight bit of clay in the nose was needed on the prototype.

Check out the build. I don't cover every step but I've included what I believe is important to helping you along the way.

Feel free to Download a PDF and print it yourself.

Sharkies Machine Prototype

Sharkies Machine - Prototype model

Sharkies Machine Prototype

Sharkies Machine - Second one built by
Rolf Christophersen rolf@mycapsule.com

Sharkies Machine Picture and Comment Submissions
It pleases me to report that quite a number of visitors to Hip Pocket Aeronautics have taken the time to download a free copy of the Sharkies Machine plans. THANK YOU all for your interest in the design. I'd really like to know what you think of the plan/design and am curious about your progress in building the plane. If you'd care to share your opinions with me, submit pictures of your work in progress or finished Sharkies Machine, I'd love to hear from you. Contact me or simply Join the Builder's Forum.

Feel free to email me your comments & pictures using the link on the Contact Us page.


Plan Printing by Dave at The Final Image

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