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Peanut Scale - Rules

Note: These are 1969 Peanut Scale rules and were amended slightly for contests.

  • Models must be built-up reproductions of actual man-carrying aircraft.
  • The maximum permitted wingspan is 13 in.
  • The minimum permitted wingspan is 10 in.
  • Motive power must be furnished by rubber band(s).
  • Models will be hand-launched.
  • Timing will commence upon release and will stop when model lands.
  • Any flight of six seconds or more will be counted as an 'official'.
  • Three official flights are allowed, and total will be contestant's score.

Peanut size model is defined as having either a maximum wingspan of 13” inches, or a maximum fuselage length of 9” inches. These sizes are recognised by the Federation International Aeronautique (FIA), which is the international governing body of model aeroplane competition.

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