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Free Flight "Indoor"


Plan Printing by Dave at The Final Image

Free Flight Indoor - Peanut Scale
Minimum weight... Maximum Performance

Peanut Scale has got to be one of the most popular classes of airplane building ever. I think it's because any airplane can be duplicated to this size and flown in gymnasiums and airplane hangars everywhere. I also think that duplicating an airplane in detail, and then having it fly, gives us a snapshot of what the real airplane looked like and perhaps flown. Shown here is my Peanut Scale Imperial Knight Twister that I built from a photocopy of the three views. To do this I had to develop all the structure on an enlarged three view image and then build from that. Plans were not available so I had to make my own.

The Rules in Peanut Scale are quite simple.

Full Size Knight Twister
Don Fairbank's Knight Twister, 1971.

I'm sure you can see why I chose to duplicate this airplane.

Peanut Knight Twister 1

Peanut Knight Twister 2

I will review this and other peanut scale designs, as time goes by.

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