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Embryo Endurance - Rules
  1. For rubber powered models with not over 50 square inches of wing area for monoplanes. For biplanes, not over 70 square inches, with 45 square inches maximum for the largest wing area. Stab area not to exceed 50% of the wing area.
  2. Fuselage volume to enclose a space 1.25 x 1.50 x 3.00 inches or larger.
  3. Wing and tail to be built up, covered on both sides with Japanese tissue or equivalent.
  4. Model must ROG (Rise Off Ground) from a card table top UNASSISTED from a three point rest.
  5. Landing gear legs must be in a conventional configuration and have 3/4 inch wheels or larger. (Example: two wheels on one landing gear is prohibited.) Wheels must turn on their axles.
  6. Unlimited attempts for three official rise off table top level flights.
  7. A bonus for the following details will be given: 5 points for a raised cabin or windscreen with an open cockpit and headrest. Raised cabin must have at least 30 degrees windshield slant. 3 points for 3-dimensional wheel pants. 1 point for 3-dimensional exhaust pipes.
  8. Highest flight total plus bonus points wins. Fly-off to break ties. Bonus points once again added to flight points.
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