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Free Flight "Indoor"


Plan Printing by Dave at The Final Image

Free Flight Indoor - Bostonian
Minimum weight... Maximum Performance

Bostonian is AMA event category 129. A Bostonian model has a 16-inch maximum wingspan and a fuselage length of 14 inches. The fuselage must enclose an imaginary box 1.5 x 2.5 x 3.0 inches in size. It must have a landing gear. Flying surfaces must be covered on both sides. The model must weigh at least 14 grams without rubber motor for a monoplane, 20 grams for others. If you get the idea that the designers of this event were trying to force competitors toward models with a scale-like appearance, you are probably right. The net result of the Rules is that most Bostonians are good flyers both indoors and out. The fuselage must be built-up to enclose the imaginary box, and the weight minimums tend to encourage reasonably strong structures.

The Bostonian class is good class for beginners as it allows for good performance with scale-like appearance.


I received this picture from Rolf Christopherson as he was building up this V-tailed Bonanza look alike called Beancraft Banana.

Bostonian Endurance

Another of Rolf's designs for an endurance type.

Bostonian Endurance

Thanks Rolf.

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