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Control Line Airplanes - Trainers
Birds on a wire... well, at least two wires

You have to start at the beginning and, for many, the control line trainer is the first engine-powered plane that many started with back in the day.

For me the radio control airplanes were not available and far too complex. The Cox PT-19 blue and yellow plastic trainer was my first engine-powered airplane. I can't remember who in my family got it for me or why, just that I had one and was determined to make it run and eventually fly. The instructions said that it would fly and run.

Cox PT-19 Trainer

My experience with it proved otherwise. All I managed to do was cut up my fingers in the .049 propeller. I can still show you the scars on my fingers almost 30 years later.

The next plane was the famous Carl Goldberg Lil' Wizard, and success is what I found.

CG Lil Wizard

It was a great airplane to begin with and had features on it that ensured that success. The model aviation career begins after the Wizard and I eventually built two of them.

However, it was not long before I was buying the other planes in the Goldberg series like the Li'l Toot. This was a biplane design that was really cool to fly and looked good with the two wings. It was also a challenge for me, at the time, to build it so the top wing would stay on.

Lil Toot Model

Below the REAL Li'l Toot that the Carl Goldberg model was based on.

Full Size Lil Toot

In all there were four others that helped to develop my interest and skills in building balsa model airplanes but they were less significant as trainers.

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