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Control Line Airplanes - Stunt
Birds on a wire... well, at least two wires

Control Line Stunt is the big deal! The top of the heap in the control line class. These airplanes are larger, well built and beautiful. It was to be many years before I was to complete a full sized Stunter. My first was a plan built airplane called a Professor published in Flying Models. I received a set of plans from a buddy of mine 7 years ago and it took all that time to complete the airplane. It was a good exercise and I used traditional techniques of silk and dope finish to make it ready for flight. It was a good flier, nice and light and turned corners very well. It was to be short lived as I proceeded to finish a loop too low and crashed the airplane on its fifth flight. All the care and attention that went into the build was reduced to a pile of broken sticks. Which reminds me, always bring along a garbage bag when you go to the field, just in case. I have the wing left over and another plane could be made from it... maybe one day.


The next airplane that has been significant is an airplane from a kit. It is called the Sig Skyray 35 and while it was a kit I ended up using it as a basis for some modifications in the size of the tail that I wanted to test. The airplane turned out very good and was very stable. This made a great stunt trainer for me to practice with. In this picture I had won an event called Balloon Bust. The larger stabilizer made the airplane fly very solid and allowed me to make great flat stable passes to hit a balloon on a stick. Serious fun!

Skyray 35

Just about all modelers have heard of an airplane called the Green Box Nobler, the most popular airplane kit in history. George Aldrich's design transformed the sport into a serious concern that has lasted for many years.

George Aldrich - Nobler Designer
George passed away in 2001 and has been missed by everyone. He contributed to the hobby in all respects especially in engine work and modification.

Red Nobler
Another great example of the Nobler

Gieseke Nobler
This airplane is a further development of the original Nobler, it is called a Gieseke Nobler by a man that took the design to higher levels and then to the world competition circles.

Yet another airplane, that was famous, is a model called Genesis. I will also be completing this model based upon the original design


I started it a number of years ago and it hangs on my wall. It is an involved project and the building process will also be included in the Genesis area of the site.

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