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Control Line Airplanes - Sport
Birds on a wire... well, at least two wires

White Lightning (1/2A to A Class Control Line)
White Ligthening
Prototype built by Warren Leadbeatter

Designed by: Bruce Feaver
569 Elmhurst Road,
Winnipeg, MB, Canada   R3R 0V2

White Lightning Photo 2

This is a 1/2A to A class control line design for the Norvel .061 and TD .049/.051 class of engines. It's designed for sport flying and fun events, fully aerobatic and fast. I created this airplane in 2005 and it was built and flown by Warren Leadbetter of Austrailia and found to be alot of fun. Much of the design is calculated from proper mathmatical engineering ideas based on principles used in many stunters since the 1960's to present. Properly proportioned and arranged to give fine flying characteristics for sport and stunt flying. This model will fly the stunt pattern with no trouble.

Wing Span: 28"  • Wing Area: 168 Sq in. • Length: 21.25"

Download a PDF (this one is a single Full Sized plan)
or a Pre-Tiled PDF (this one prints 8 pieces on 8 1/2 x 11 paper) and print it yourself

White Lightning Build Notes & Pictures

White Lightning Picture and Comment Submissions
It pleases me to report that quite a number of visitors to Hip Pocket Aeronautics have taken the time to download a free copy of the White Lightning plans. Thank you all for your interest in the design. I'd really like to know what you think of the plan/design and am curious about your progress in building the plane. If you'd care to share your opinions with me or submit pictures of your work in progress or, finished White Lightning, I'd love to hear from you. Contact me or simply Join the Builder's Forum.

Feel free to email me your comments & pictures using the link on the Contact Us page.

Warren writes,

Gee thanks for the credit Bruce!

I did really enjoy making it and it was very hard to keep my mouth shut about it. It flies very well and I was very impressed with the manouverability of the little thing. The best sheet wing plane I've ever flown thats for sure. If anyone wants to see it, here it is


Warren Leadbeatter
Port Stephens - Australia

WL Flight


Plan Printing by Dave at The Final Image

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